music in the very moment

Stewmic is making music - only once each track - we will never repeat

We call it RoughOut - like a picture drawn in the moment of inspiration - we take every moment of music together into storage, keep it frozen for all time in digital phrases, burned as CD but never return to the past by playing something twice or more often
Our music is everything we are in the moment we're playing - rough, smooth, full of power, weak, wry and harmonic, experimental nasty or elbish beautiful
There are no fences of arrangements or compromises - there is freedom for each of us to do - even if it sounds weared for a moment.

It will open your mind to hear us alive - help us to find stages, where our special kind of music can be played!

And listen to us as long as you wish - feel free downloading as much stewmic, as your ears an hearts can bear!
following some players with links to music

  • (seit Dezember 2015!) - Favorit des Trommlers Mai 2016: "Guy code" in Pregame

SteSch (der Trommler)

Orfium plays excellent wav-Files without limitation in size
my favorites in may 16:

GuyCode (Pregame) - strange and melodic
infrequent occasion (Big Step) - should be named "out of control", starts harmless melodic - then bursts into storm
Musicmen (Big Step) - big deal, long and complex
Nayoloyin (Guy code) -

hier noch einen externen Player von Reverbnation, die erlauben nur 8Mb pro song, das reicht gerade mal für 8min-mp3 Getöse - also die Ultrakurzen von Stewmic: